GeoAI platform for crop insurance assessment

early Sample Videos

1. Automatic GeoAI Solution for Wildlife Damage Area Calculation

Sample Stitched Done Image,

Sample AI Result 1

Sample AI result 2

Video 1: demonstrates how users can easily upload drone images to the SGA platform to accurately calculate wildlife damage areas. This includes measuring animal track lengths, widths, animal beds, and the total damaged area in the field. The GeoAI algorithms also distinguish between wildlife and vehicle tracks. Please select ‘Quality’ and ‘Auto (720p)’ in the bottom right of your YouTube video settings to watch the video.

Video 2: demonstrates how the SGA GeoAI Platform is used for wildlife damage assessment by using a stitched drone image of a field.

Automatic GeoAI Solution for In-field Crop Yield Contour Maps

This video uses the Wheat smartphone and drone images to automatically calculate wheat crop yield.

This video uses the Canola smartphone images to automatically calculate Canola crop yield

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