early Sample Videos

1. SGA Wheat Kernel Counter Mobile App Demo (Draft)

Users take a handful of wheat kernels, place them on a standard A4 paper, and take a photo with a mobile device. Our application can count and label each kernel in the photo within one second.

The following original video without any editing aims to test the accuracy of SuperGeoAI wheat kernel count mobile application through the following steps.

  1. Use Pixel 6 Pro to take a photo of the wheat seeds. The app says that the number of seeds is 168.
  2. Shake the wheat seeds and take another photo. The app says that the number of seeds is still 168.
  3. Separate the wheat seeds into two parts. The app says that the first part is 95 and the second part is 73. The total number is still 168 (=95+73).
  4. Take 8  seeds out. The app says that 8 seeds are taken out and there are 160 seeds left.

The SuperGeoAI mobile application has successfully passed the test!  This is an early demo video. We will release the final version soon.

2. SuperGeoAI Cloud Platform to Seed Counter (Draft Demo)

After users upload a wheat kernel image, the platform will automatically count and label each seed in the photo. In addition, users can visualize results and verify accuracy, manually fixing any errors and achieving better accuracy if necessary. This is an early demo. We are still working on the cloud platform. 

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