AI-Driven Grain Counting and Grading

Current Practice

Manual Observation is Costly, Unreliable, Inaccurate, and Subjective.

Problem Statement: Grain quality is critical to all the players in the grain value chain – from the producer to the consumer. For example, the percentage of kernels affected by fusarium, ergot, or starchy is determined and the grade of an entire delivery is determined by using a grading. For many years, the grain industry has sought an affordable machine that can take a handful of wheat and quickly and accurately spit out its end-use quality. However, current practices still rely on laborious manual observation and expensive specialized equipment. Grain inspectors manually separate, identify and analyze degrading kernels to determine the grain quality and grading.

Inaccuracies in grain grading and dockage determination can cost growers millions of dollars.

Our AI-Driven Seed Counting and Grading Mobile App

Grain Grading

A Breakthrough Solution to a Decades-old Problem.

Competitive Advantages

First to Market

We are the first organization to develop Geospatial AI solutions for digital agriculture. Our solution can identify and label degrading seeds that Automatic Seeds Counter Machine cannot. Like the digital cameras replacing film cameras, our mobile application has the potential to replace the Automatic Seeds Counter Machine.

Automate Manual Observation

Manual Observation is costly, unreliable, and inaccurate due to subjective assessments. We integrate digital agriculture and geospatial AI technologies to develop a reliable and cost-effective GeoAI platform to automate these laborious manual tasks.

Save Time and Cost

Manually counting thousands of seeds is an inaccurate, unpleasant, and time-consuming task. With our solution, the user takes a handful of wheat seeds (~ 500), places them on a standard A4 paper, and takes a photo with a mobile device. Our application can count and label each seed in the photo within 3 second, with an accuracy approaching 100%. Our solution can drastically reduce the cost and time required for manual crop assessment.

Visualize and Improve Accuracy to 100%

Users can visualize the accuracy and easily fix any AI mistakes to achieve 100% accuracy if necessary.

Increase Yield and Profit

Each farm is different. Every field is unique. Our solution improves farm productivity through decreased manual labor requirements and improved farmer knowledge of the spatial and temporal needs for each unique field.

Reduce greenhouse gas and benefit the environment

Farmers may seed crops by bushels per acre rather than TKW due to a lack of automatic seed counters or inaccurate kernel counts. Seeding by bushels is likely going to miss the desired target, with a seeding rate too high or too low, impacting Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions.

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