Automatic GeoAI Solution for Wildlife Damage Area Calculation

SGA’s AI-Driven Decision Cloud Platform and Applications for Automating Crop Insurance Assessment offers six features: (1) Wildlife Damage Assessment; (2) Crop Yield Loss Assessment; (3) Climate Change Yield Modeling; (4) Automatic Image Segmentation and Classification; (5) Hail Damage Assessment; and (6) Grain Bin Fill Level Measurement.

The initial videos, created for the demonstration of wildlife damage assessment in late 2023, served as a valuable starting point. We are thrilled to announce that our platform has since been upgraded, significantly enhancing several key features. If you are interested in exploring the full capabilities of our improved platform, please contact Dr. Weiping Zeng at Upon request, we can provide access to updated demonstration videos or a live URL of the platform, showcasing the latest advancements and their benefits for your crop insurance assessment processes.

1. Automatic GeoAI Solution for Wildlife Damage Area Calculation

Click the link below to view the sample wildlife damage image and corresponding AI results.

Sample Stitched Done Image,

Sample AI Result 1

Sample AI result 2

Video 1: This video demonstrates how users can effortlessly upload drone images to the SGA cloud platform to accurately calculate wildlife damage areas. The platform measures animal track lengths and widths, animal beds, and the damaged polygon areas in the fields. Our advanced GeoAI algorithms also distinguish between wildlife and vehicle tracks. For the best viewing experience, please select ‘Quality’ and ‘Auto (720p)’ in the bottom right of your YouTube video settings.

Video 2: demonstrates how the SGA GeoAI Platform is used for wildlife damage assessment by using a stitched drone image of a field.

Video 3: This video showcases how users can efficiently utilize the SGA Cloud Platform to review, delete, add, edit, and correct AI-identified wildlife-damaged areas, as well as assign a loss percentage to the regrowth in green zones.

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