GeoAI platform for crop insurance assessment

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Note: SGA’s GeoAI Cloud Platform for Crop Insurance Assessment boasts five key features: (1) Wildlife Damage Assessment, (2) In-Season Crop Yield Forecasting, (3) Climate Change Yield Modeling, (4) Hail Damage Assessment, and (5) Grain Bin Fill Level Measurement.

The following videos were prepared for crop insurance companies in late 2023 and prominently feature the capabilities of (1) Wildlife Damage Assessment and (2) In-Season Crop Yield Forecasting.

Excitingly, we’ve recently upgraded our platform to further enhance several of these key features. This version includes two new features: (1) Climate Change Yield Modeling for Crop Insurance and (2) Hail Damage Assessment. Additionally, we’ve made significant improvements to our In-Season Crop Yield Forecasting feature, ensuring more accurate and actionable insights for our users.

For those interested in exploring the full capabilities of our enhanced platform, we invite you to reach out to Dr. Weiping Zeng at Upon request, we can provide access to updated demonstration videos or a live URL of the platform, showcasing the latest advancements and how they can benefit your crop insurance assessment processes.

1. Automatic GeoAI Solution for Wildlife Damage Area Calculation

Click the link below to view the sample image and corresponding AI results.

Sample Stitched Done Image,

Sample AI Result 1

Sample AI result 2

Video 1: demonstrates how users can easily upload drone images to the SGA platform to accurately calculate wildlife damage areas. This includes measuring animal track lengths, widths, animal beds, and the total damaged area in the field. The GeoAI algorithms also distinguish between wildlife and vehicle tracks. Please select ‘Quality’ and ‘Auto (720p)’ in the bottom right of your YouTube video settings to watch the video.

Video 2: demonstrates how the SGA GeoAI Platform is used for wildlife damage assessment by using a stitched drone image of a field.

Video 3: demonstrates how crop insurance adjusters can use the SGA Cloud Platform to conveniently review, delete, add, and edit areas damaged by wildlife, and to assign a percentage of loss to the regrowth in green areas.

2. Automatic GeoAI Solution for Crop Yield Modelling and Contour Maps

Click the link below to view the sample image and corresponding AI results.

A Sample Input Drone Image

A Sample Crop Yield Contour Map

This video demonstrates how SGA’s AI creates high-resolution wheat yield contour maps.

This video demonstrates how SGA AI creates high-resolution Canola yield contour maps.

This video uses the Wheat smartphone and drone images to automatically calculate wheat crop yield.

This video uses the Canola smartphone images to automatically calculate Canola crop yield

The following demo uses our mobile app prototype to take photos of wheat heads (about two rows and 3 feet length per photo). The app immediately calculates the crop yield in each photo and the average crop yield in the whole field

The following demo uses the smartphone camera to take several photos per representative location around a field and uses our mobile app prototype to calculate crop yield in these photos at one time. 

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